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  • Accordionstu

    Although I play whistle and am a keen accordion player, my main instrument for most of my life has been the Flute. Whether it's a Bb high pitch band flute, a D Piccolo or a Concert D flute, these are my weapons of choice.

  • Steve P

    Hi, I'm Steve from Staffordshire, UK. I've had music around me all my life coming from a large family, many of whom played instruments (piano, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, euphonium, cornet, etc), and the music was generally classical or New Orlea...

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  • Robyn Latchford

    Hi everyone, I am a California native who attends university in the Chicago area. I recently studied abroad in Scotland but took two trips to Ireland, and saw a band with an Irish flute in it. I studied classical flute very seriously and was accepted to t...

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  • Rob Hill

    Guitar player and singer. Resident artist at Brewood Acoustic Music Club.

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  • WhistlestopMac

    On retirement have taken up the penny whistle again and looking for resources to help. This website is very useful and compliments books that I have purchased. Also playing the mouth organ and taking guitar lessons. Would recommend this as a great hobby ...

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  • Bobtheuke

    Retired and I collect quality banjos mandolins and ukuleles and various others now to include concertinas. Just starting to learn to play them all!

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  • Dick Richardson

    John Bailey. I have a six string guitar made for me by John in 1965 which cost me £45.00 – a month's wages then! John had some nice rosewood and was going to cut the depth of the ribs down – I said no, leave them. So I have this beautiful guitar with...

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