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  • Mike Hennessy

    I am a Guitar teacher. Went back teaching about 8 years ago and Decided teaching and learning should be fun. Of course I teach all the different Keys and The basic chords in that key. As we go along the students obviously want to learn the songs that THEY...

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  • AskeaRambler

    Native of Dublin, exiled in Carlow. Still follow Dublin Gaelic and Football teams of course. Beginner whistle player (for over 30 years) and beginner singer/guitar player (for over 40 years)

  • Alexandre

    I'm originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but based in Dublin since 2015. I play the bass (both electric and acoustic) and I'm very keen on learning about the Irish Traditional Music. 🙂

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  • pcarbery

    I play guitar but not traditional just yet. I am presently getting lessons in the bodhran and teaching myself trad guitar

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  • laura okeeffe

    i am in secondary school in carlow ireland. i have the piano and flute. i would love to be able to learn more music and go out and play at more sessions and be more confident.

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