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  • Richard Lloyd

    Folk musician living in Cheshire (Nantwich/Tarporley). Enjoy sessions rather than open mics or 'rounds'. Play Irish, English Welsh and Scottish on Whistles, Mandolin and Northumbrian Smallpipes. But . . . will play anything that sounds good to me!

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  • Mark I Percival

    Hi, my name is Mark Percival, I am a fiddle player from Cheshire. My favourite genre is Scots, Shetland, American (Old Time and a little Bluegrass if there isnt too many banjo's), Breton, Irish and Eastern (Arabic) music in that order, my listening prefer...

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  • philip cullinane

    Co Tyrone Norther Ireland, Fiddle playing Art teacher now living in Crewe , been playing since I was 16 and am now 55 so loads of tunes this end, looking for a relatively local session.

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  • Jacco

    Dutchman living the UK, having recently picked up the mandolin (after having left the recorder behind over 30 years ago) and now trying to get to grips with it. I find myself drawn often to Irish music, and on a different forum was pointed in this directi...

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  • Heydiddle

    Clare fiddler living in Crewe. I'm looking to set up a session in Crewe but I'm struggling to find players, so if you're interested please pop me a message!

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  • Craigybagel

    An exiled Dub who when not driving trains dabbles in whistle playing around Crewe.

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  • Julia Turner

    I live in Shropshire and have been learning violin for7 months.

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