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  • gbyrne

    Grandma bought me a Generation C in '77 which I kinda "self taught". Had to wait until 2016 to start classes but working hard for a late starter to make up for lost time. Picked up a flute on Good Friday 2017 and haven't looked back since. Loving my "WCB"...

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  • Lyndsay

    Thursday Trad Session every week from 21:30 in "33 South Main" - 33 South Main Street, Naas.

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    I,m a native of the Burren in North Clare but have left there over 40 yrs ago and live in Kildare but have many contacts back there. Sadly I do not play but love all types of music I was just reading about Winkl...

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  • noreenflood

    Ireland I play the. Fidd le

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  • FiddleBee
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  • Máire Greevy

    Roscommon /Dublin /Kildare. Fiddle playing when I can. Flute, particularly north Connaught to revive me when required!

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