Members near Galway, County Galway

  • Eoin31

    From Sligo, play piano,banjo and a little guitar

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  • SeanFlaherty

    From Galway, I play the button accordion, guitar and banjo.

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  • folgensbourg
  • Timmy joined 8 months ago
  • CCallanan

    I’m a guitarist from Galway and I play in DADGAD. I’m learning mandolin at the moment and am going through the Dusty Banjos sets to get myself started. I’ll play an odd tune in the session at normal speed but for most tunes I’m still a bit slow, so I stic…

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  • 2flynn

    - Guitar

  • Sean diviney

    I’m from Galway, in the West of Ireland. i dont play any instrument, tried the guitar several times!! But my wife plays the fiddle and we both have an interest in Traditional music

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  • outwesht

    I’m a fiddler. Classically trained originally, though I gave that up quite a long time ago. I’ve been based in Galway for the last four years or so. I busk a bit and play around town. I love polkas and slides, twisty reels ala paddy fahey, trad generall…

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