Members near Galway, County Galway

  • Fred Johnston

    I'm a musician and singer for longer than I can recall, based now in Galway. Guitar and singing was my forte. I had a band called Parsons Hat for some years. I played in Galway since the hey-days of Mrs Cullen's famous pub in Foster Street; I was very sa...

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  • Ari

    I'm a fiddler that likes a good jam ;) Currently a computer science undergraduate at the University of Colorado.

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  • cailinrua1

    I'm a PhD Researcher in songs and ballads at NUI Galway. Passionate about music, song, dance, and the GAA.

  • BenZilker

    Born in '87, currently traveling. plays the flute and the Bodhran.

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  • Rhodri Ceredig


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  • walkinggoldfish

    Keen banjo player and teacher from Galway

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  • Conor94

    I play the Tenor Banjo and the Guitar.

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  • Johnny Finn
  • fmmonteiro

    Mandolinist and banjoist. From Sao Paulo (Brasil) to the closest session.

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