Members near Alderley Edge, England

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  • Jen Morris
  • Gallopede

    I concentrate at the moment on recorder and fiddle. I used to play Irish and Scottish - very much the Central Scottish session repertoire - but increasingly I play tunes from the north-west of England and Northumbria because that's where I go to sessions ...

  • Snij
  • spindizzy

    English concertina player - Cheshire UK (trying to catch up with DH on Irish fiddle) - and why shouldn't I play irish on an EC!

  • David Cotton

    I've been playing musical instruments since I was four and played semi-professionally at the age of eight and full-time in my 20s. I learned the trombone, guitar, ukulele and piano as a child, played chromatic harmonica and then in my teens, started play...

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  • Clive Churchward

    Hi Everyone, my name is Clive Churchward from Altrincham in Cheshire which is just 10 miles from Manchester, UK. I run an open acoustic jam session every Thursday night at the Old market Tavern Pub, Altrincham. I mostly play acoustic guitar. I also sing a...

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  • Genna Heald

    I live in Stockport and play the tenor banjo

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