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  • Joe M

    My name's Joe, I play the whistle and I'm (slowly) learning the Uilleann pipes.

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  • Simon Keegan-Phipps

    I'm a Lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the University of Sheffield. Although I spend more time playing English tunes on the English concertina (sorry!), I also have lots of experience playing Irish tunes on concertina, piano accordion and anything with fret...

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  • CZMJ
  • Liz Hanley

    fiddler player/singer based in Brooklyn, NY and Sheffield, UK

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  • Kismul
  • sambapixie
  • K1 joined 6 years ago
  • deborah moffatt

    From US, living in Scotland since 1982, play flute, whistle, fiddle (Irish and Scottish music), guitar, piano.

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  • Stephen Bennett

    Hi - I live in Cambridge and play guitar, mandolin, whistles etc. I also play in a band in France called Lads o'the Fair (we have a clip of us doing "Kincardine Lads" on YouTube) - Steve

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