Members near Sheffield, England

  • Simon Keegan-Phipps

    I'm a Lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the University of Sheffield. Although I spend more time playing English tunes on the English concertina (sorry!), I also have lots of experience playing Irish tunes on concertina, piano accordion and anything with fret...

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  • CZMJ
  • Liz Hanley

    fiddler player/singer based in Brooklyn, NY and Sheffield, UK

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  • Kismul
  • sambapixie
  • K1 joined 6 years ago
  • deborah moffatt

    From US, living in Scotland since 1982, play flute, whistle, fiddle (Irish and Scottish music), guitar, piano.

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  • Stephen Bennett

    Hi - I live in Cambridge and play guitar, mandolin, whistles etc. I also play in a band in France called Lads o'the Fair (we have a clip of us doing "Kincardine Lads" on YouTube) - Steve

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  • tom easton joined 6 years ago
  • brightphoebe

    I live in Northwich, Cheshire, am involved with Northwich Folk Club and have recently started playing the whistle. Currently exploring tunes to introduce at our 'slow folk' type sessions to allow players of all abilities to join in with the session exper...

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