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  • alexboydell

    My name is Alex ...first heard trad music as a child in a Lakeland farm in the early 1940,s Friday night was music night fiddles concertina melodeon piano and step dancing. I was a step dancer only started playing regularly as I got too old to dance. I lo...

  • GreyMare

    Living in New Brighton playing whistle trying to play flute and singing the odd song

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  • Gel

    Hi, I live in New Brighton , and have been playing b/c accordion for a few months . I previously played PA and d/g melodeon .Have a great love for itm and am keen to improve my playing

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  • John White


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  • Gilly B

    Past life : classical guitar, and unsuccessful painful childhood violin lessons

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  • Brenda Sharp

    Hi, I'm an improving (slowly!) Fiddle player living on the Wirral in the North West. I also play the bodrhan, again no expert, just learning as I go and needing some lessons.

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