Members near Manchester, England

  • Chris Muriel

    Manchester,UK. Play mainly 5-string banjo and guitar. Took up Celtic tunes because I wnated to more than just bluegrass and old time. (also play 5-string in 2 rock bands and a cajun band now).

    joined one year ago
  • Mary-Rose Merritt

    Fiddle player. Mainly Irish Folk Music looking for sessions in Chorlton Manchester or nearby.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Andy Flynn joined 6 years ago
  • Angebangsthedrum

    I play the flute, whistle or bodhrán at sessions in Manchester, UK, and I work as a music teacher.

  • Stuart Robertson

    I live in Manchester, but was born in Liverpool. I used to play the guitar (mainly claw hammer) until arthritis got the better of my hands. I was introduced to the idea of the mountain dulcimer by a chap running a music store in Chorlton, so I explored ...

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  • Clare McGovern joined 3 years ago
  • Vincent Hogan

    Tin Whistle

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  • willum joined 2 years ago
  • Mat Walklate

    I play flute, harmonica, whistle and uilleann pipes and I sing.

  • Catriona Watson

    Learning fiddle and a bit of mandolin,

    joined 6 years ago