Members near Glossop, England

  • Sam Baxter


    joined 8 years ago
  • David Jackson

    73yrOld Disabled Pensioner, From Farnworth Bolton Play Lachenal 48 button EC circa 1863

  • Brenden Preece

    Glossop Derbyshire; Guitar mainly, occasional Ukulele, Mandolin and Whistle

    joined 5 years ago
  • Tintwistler

    I'm a flute player of irish trad from Tintwistle, Derbyshire UK near Manchester.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Fliss Brereton

    I love Irish music, (being Irish myself)

    joined 5 years ago
  • Helham
  • Frank. Sheridan

    New to the whistle, my ears are bleeding but sticking at it.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Cushla
  • Char Yates

    Just starting out on low D flute, based in Manchester

    joined 8 years ago
  • Paganini Jones

    Born in Manchester and living close by, playing fiddle

    joined 3 years ago