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  • Pat Dalton joined 3 years ago
  • Masonsapron

    Hi originally from Yorkshire I moved To Galway in 2001, I joined Dusty Banjos

  • Maria Quigley

    fambles music there every friday they are very talented

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  • Pastorius
  • Kevin Haverty

    A former apprentice uilleann piper with more good intentions than resolve to get back playing some day!

    joined 4 years ago

    Living in Co.Galway and was part of school band in the 1980's. Went to Fleadh Ceoils. Played the recorder in band and now i am playing the tin whistle, i own a Dixon high pitch D whistle and love it. Would love to be able to play a lot more songs on the t...

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  • Martin Kelleher

    My name is Martin Kelleher I play the guitar and I love trad I use a little DADGAD if need be, but mostly I use dropped D. I'm now living in Tuam co Galway.

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  • Dervilee

    Learning to play the fiddle.. Wish me luck!!

    joined 7 years ago
  • tommy_ie