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  • Dervilee

    Learning to play the fiddle.. Wish me luck!!

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  • tommy_ie
  • Margaret Findley

    Whistle, fiddle, guitar

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  • Martin Kelleher

    My name is Martin Kelleher I play the guitar and I love trad I use a little DADGAD if need be, but mostly I use dropped D. I'm now living in Tuam co Galway.

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  • Deirdre Madden

    I am originally from Armagh, An Port Mor branch of Comhaltas, but now living in Galway for 12 years. I used to be very active the the Irish music scene, but since having my children, I haven't played very much, but would love to get back playing again. ...

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  • Dan Knoop

    Lackagh Comhaltas, C.C.E

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