Members near Mullingar, County Westmeath

  • Steven Carmichael

    Hey my name is Steven and I’m currently learning to play the Irish tenor banjo

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  • Martin Malone

    I am 70 years old, retired computer engineer.

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  • Aine Ni Nuallain

    I lived in london for forty years returned to IReland in 1998 - loved all the irish music and visited all the irish clubs with my husband Sean (NOW DECEASEd) I am originally from MAGERAFELT in Co Derry but married to a Westmeath man in Brixton LONDON - h…

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  • mixofmolydians

    Play flute, whistles, banjo, and whatever else…

  • jimmy quirke

    i am a bagpiper

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  • eugene dunbar

    I live in Tyrrellspass Co.Westmeath. I play guitar (badly) but I have a huge interest in traditional Irish music and piping in particular. Michael Cooney (The Piper Cooney) is a regular visitor to the village and plays in sessions locally.

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