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  • Pete Ogley

    I play in a four piece band. World music mostly and mostly front room stuff, but we do the occasional gig. I play concertina, melodeon, fiddle and guitar.

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  • riverrunner

    Andrew, from the celtic fringes of Lancashire. Fiddler/ Mandolin/Tenor Mandola/Octave Mandola player with a passion for lonesome tunes and music that tugs at the soul.

  • Robin Gilliland

    From Bury in Lancashire. My dad was from Belfast, hence my interest in Irish music. I play mandolin in a band in Sheffield, and guitar, bouzouki and tin whistle at home. I've also got a keyed wooden Irish flute and a bodhrán, both of which I find difficu...

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  • Deirdrej123

    I'm from Kerry in Ireland, living in the UK. I sing and play guitar and do Irish gigs mixed with pop and enjoy going to sessions. I came to Irish music late, I studied classical at uni and spent years playing pub gigs but I absolutely love it now and want...

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  • Gerry Murphy

    Hello, I'm Gerry, originally from Co laoise, Eire. I came to Manchester 1983,aged 21 here ever since. I started learning a piano accordion by ear,3-4 years as a hobby,can play a couple of tunes not very well, but enjoy the learning. I live near a good fr...

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  • rossendale art
  • Chris Stern

    Lifelong acoustic guitar player whole also loves banjo, mandolin and other instruments

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  • Jak Perks


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  • Annabel

    Accordion -fairly newbie

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  • Flutes of the forest joined 5 years ago