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  • Goetterdaemmerung

    A grumpy Isolated piper/player of a C# flat chanter from Midwestern Canada, nearing Cascadia. My influences are Séamus Ennis, Tommy Reck, Liam O'Flynn, Patsy Touhey, Gerry Mc Fadden and Paddy Moloney. Ennis and Reck are probably the biggest and most imp...

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  • JRStein
  • Don Hobbins joined 3 years ago
  • jaimz aspiring fiddler from Alberta, Canada...............

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  • The Houmors of Steel Fixing

    Intermediate Mandolin player

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  • chrome_oxide_green

    Flute player of many years. Irish flute player for only a few. Played whistle for a little while, but haven't been keeping up lately.

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  • bradley letourneau

    Canadian male - tenor and 5-string banjo

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