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  • Steve Burke

    I have been a trad Irish music fan for almost 40 years or so after hearing a cassette (remember those) of Planxty and asking my mate "WTF was that!" Since then many trips to Ireland with friends, family and 'Banna Gan'Ainm' to walk, talk, sing and play.

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  • Pete Howarth

    I’m from North Lancashire, I play fiddle. Recently I’ve been learning Irish tunes and style with Bev Whelan’s friendly slow Irish session in Lancaster.

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  • catherine goss

    flutes and whistles with a wide range of folk and classical interests

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  • brigantae

    Fiddle & English smallpipes & border pipes.

  • Mary Simpson

    Piano Accordion player

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    Dylan Owen, North West UK. Lancashire .

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  • John Hyatt

    Hi there,

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  • Norman McLaren


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