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  • Ebor_fiddler

    I'm an English fiddler, and also play the D/G Melodeon. I Play for the Slightly Notorious Ebor Morris (York) as well as the no less notorious Bad Bargain Band. The band name is no reflection on our playing - it's merely that we meet in Bad Bargain Lane he...

  • Laurence Joseph Smith

    CS Student, University of York, Software Engineer by trade.

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  • NickBlair


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  • Sionboss

    Based in York, play whistle and fiddle.

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  • Amy D

    I play folk fiddle and am very passionate about it. I like slow airs and an dros better than ceidilh music but like to try any kind of folk music. Would like to find someone(s) to play music with in York.

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  • Emodem
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  • Poiswales

    Hi I'm Mike

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