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  • Poiswales

    Hi I'm Mike

  • Hazel Durling

    Flautist :D

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  • Robin MacGilchrist

    My name is Robin and I play the piano accordion and live in York!

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  • Joseph Lord joined 7 years ago
  • Amy D

    I play folk fiddle and am very passionate about it. I like slow airs and an dros better than ceidilh music but like to try any kind of folk music. Would like to find someone(s) to play music with in York.

    joined 5 years ago
  • niranu

    I live in York, UK and just bought my first Tin Whistle. I was part of a Recorder Ensemble at school when I was about 13 or 14 where I played the Descant, Tenor and Sopranino. We played a lot of Baroque pieces and I loved it so much. So I bought Ferris So...

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  • miktavus

    York UK sessioner and member of various bands, play guitar and bass but mostly these days inflict Dobro on any style of music I can. It can mostly be made to work! Currently extending my musical armoury to include mandolin and old time fiddle but not yet ...