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  • andy9876
  • David Findlay

    I play concertina, whistles and an odd bit of melodeon. I am Scots by birth and enjoy Scottish music, but I also enjoy playing tunes from Northumberland and my adopted home, Lancashire. Being Scots, I love Canadian Music, especially that of PEI and Quebec...

  • Pat chamberlain

    From n.lancs/ s.cumbria. Play penny whistle and bodrhan - through trial and error method. All for fun. Love to listen to all the different styles and influences that compose the music under 'folk'.

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  • Harry Rivers

    Guitar, Fiddle

    joined 4 years ago
  • Clódagh Mc

    I've lived in England all my life, but I'm half Irish and adore Irish music. Also Scottish, Welsh... pretty much any folk music I can find!

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  • Patrick Langridge

    Moved to Lancaster in England a month ago.... play harmonica..... would like to learn button accordion.... heard Martain O'Connnor play in central France at a festival called Le Son Continu 2 years ago ... thought, in my ignorance, it might be nice to pl...

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