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  • Tony Ball

    From the Isle of Man. Play a Takameine Elecro Acoustic, and a Johnson Resonator. Looking for DADGAD info led me to your site.

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  • wjh

    My name is Wendy Hurst and I’m a box player from the Isle of Man.

  • Isla Callister

    Fiddle player from the Isle of Man

  • manxygirl

    I’m a fiddler, pianist and singer from the Isle of Man. In the past I’ve worked Musician in Residence in a private school on the Island, but I now own my own private music teaching business with my husband ( I wrote my PhD thesis on …

  • danninagh

    A well-known name on the Manx, Scottish and Estonian traditional music scenes, Daniel was born and raised in the Isle of Man, where he was introduced to Manx traditional music. Throughout much of his childhood, he studied composition, accompaniment and pe…

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  • Barlow

    Having a go at B/C

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  • Donal MacPhaayl

    Kiaulleyder voish Mannin (gitar, pianney, banjo)

    joined 6 years ago
  • Eubonian

    I have lived for most of my life in the Isle of Man but now also spend time in Wales and travel to Spain and elsewhere when we can. We’ve met some great trad musicians everywhere we’ve been.

  • Diddly Banjo
  • lucy gilmore

    I am a Musician from the Isle of Man. I play lever harp, flute, piano and tin whistle and have enjoyed playing with folk groups since I was about 9 years old.

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