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    I’m a fiddle player and live near Kendal. I play Scottish, Shetland and Irish stuff. I especially enjoy modern Scottish tunes- the more off the wall the better!

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  • Miles Fielding

    I am presently living in Cumbria not far from Kendal. Moved here last september after having lived in the Highlands of Scotland for the last 25 years. Am a percussion player and currently play Bodhran.

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  • Geoff Longrigg joined 11 years ago
  • Nick Williamson

    Beginner whistle player. Though have sung and played guitar for years. Have loved Irish music ever since I can remember. Had whistles 40 years ago and returning to give it a go.

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  • Martin Fagan joined 10 years ago
  • Nick Hamilton

    I started to learn violin at least 4 years ago but at first I didn’t play folk music or even listen to it for that matter. In fact it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I realised how much I loved traditional music both playing and listening.

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  • Harry Rivers

    Guitar, Fiddle

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  • BSSH
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  • Carol Ann Henderson

    Fiddle and Guitar

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