Members near Magherafelt, Northern Ireland

  • writetocathy123

    Im from ardboe, county tyrone. I play the the concertina, and to a lesser extent now, tin whistle and guitar. I played until I was about 19 then I had kids so now 36 im back and lovin learnin new tunes

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  • Emmet

    Fiddle player from Co. Derry. I also play Guitar and Bodhrán, sing the odd song, and I've been known to try my hand at various other 'instruments-with-strings-on' (Banjo, Viola, Bouzouki, etc...)

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  • Dew27

    I play fiddle and sing songs

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  • hugh70
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  • Connor Maynes

    I'm from Cookstown Northern Ireland and i'm a keen banjo player at the minute using a 1928 Vegaphone Professional tenor banjo

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  • Jleo Fipple

    Guitar, Whistle, Bodhrán, Harmonica

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