Members near Wigton, England

  • Jessica Richardson

    I grew up in Mid-Wales at the foothills of Snowdonia. I have played classical clarinet, starting when I was 7. I taught myself piano in my early teens and went on to pic up the saxophone and flute. I have played in orchestras and jazz bands so have exp...

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  • Henry Morton

    Hi there! I'm Henry. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but now live in Cumbria, England. At the moment

    joined 6 years ago
  • Anne Mullan

    From Rostrevor and play whistle and fiddle

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  • jontro

    Fiddle player in Keswick, Cumbria

  • Sean O Brien

    Hi, I'm Sean, I don't play any musical instruments but at 51 years old I think it's time to start learning to play the banjo, Iv be wanting to do this since I was about 17 but never got round to it. I stay in Glasgow during the week and go down home to Mo...

    joined 4 years ago
  • chucuillan

    I am a Scots fiddler, guitarist, whistle etc.

  • Robert the Bruce

    I'm a fiddler originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who also plays whistle, and G-D melodeon (badly!). I went to a few folk festivals in the North of England and Folkworks workouts in my youth, and then spent the next 10-15 years playing mainly classical m...

  • bob_johnston

    January 2017

  • Steve Brailey joined 7 months ago
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