Members near Durham, England

  • seymikins

    I have been playing the mouthie since I was 12 as it was the only affordable imitation of Jimmy Shand’s accordion that my pocket money could extend to. In the intervening years I have played many more instruments, both plucked and blown, with various de…

  • Jimmo

    Jim O’Boyle. Concertinas; pipes; flute.

  • Bogtrumpet

    N Holmes; Flute.

  • Stephan_Aal

    I’m a melodeon/diatonic accordeon player and I also play the wooden flute. I live in Langley Park in County Durham. I go to sessions at The Elm Tree in Durham (Tuesday) and The Empty Shop (Second Thursday). When I was living in Leeds I used to play at…

  • hillfish

    sid hibbert, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bodhran

  • Belinda Dear

    I live in Kent but I’m studying in Durham. I started learning the button accordion when I was living in Buenos Aires and since returning to Durham I’ve been looking for a teacher!

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  • Peter Rowley-Conwy joined 7 years ago
  • beegz

    County Durham, UK

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  • Michael McManus

    I’m 67. I live in Durham City, England. I’m English with an interest in all things Irish. My father’s grandfathers and grandmothers were from the Parish of Kilronan in North Roscommon (O’Carolan’s adopted home-place) and from County Monaghan. I…

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  • James Byrne

    Made in Blackrock but born in Co. Durham, lives in Durham City. Play mostly tenor guitar GDAE.

    joined 2 years ago