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  • amhedman

    Hi I'm from London currently in living Newcastle upon tyne. I've been learning the fiddle since the latter half of 2013 with a great Scottish fiddle player by the name of Melissa Whitehead.

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  • heather mcdougall

    Multi-instrumentalist: cello, double bass, violin, flute, oboe, bassoon, tymps and tuned percussion, piano, bass guitar, tin whistle, mandolin and play badly B flat bass tuba.Pretty good harpist too, but only very ancient harp, with no levers.

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  • Dom Johnson

    Well, instruments I play and those that I own are two different's some instruments I -own-!

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  • Donnafiddle

    Hi, I'm Donna. I come from Newcastle and I play the fiddle and the ukulele.

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  • Tom Crawley

    I currently live back in Newcastle but spent around 15 year in mallaig. Play guitar and bodhran with lots of different musicians up there. Ross Martin, eilidh Shaw, gabe mcvarish, tam the banjo and many more.

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  • Sarah Ellen

    Hi I'm from boring suburbia between Heaton and coast looking for musical stimulus without Folk works and the Sage's 'teaching'. Tuesday s a good night for me currently. I play flute and whistle would like to get to grips with eastern European or Scandina...

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  • Drstevemurray
  • Clarsach

    Fiddle & Clarsach

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