Members near Moffat, Scotland

  • Simon Tweedie joined one year ago
  • jamie_grieve
  • Geoff Moffat joined 6 years ago
  • Trevor Birch

    Play mostly acoustic guitar - have a Lowden F32, Avalon A310CS, Larrivee LV03R, Larrivee D09, and a Jimmy Moon 0003Custom. Also some electric - have a standard USA Strat and an Eric Johnson Strat

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  • Robbie Huxtable

    Fiddler, Guitarist and Teacher from Dumfries!

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  • james horne

    I'm from Inverness in the North of Scotland, play the pipes, whistle and flute.

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  • Kieran McElligott

    I'm originally from Westmeath, but now living in the County Down ... I'm basically a unaccompanied singer, though I sometimes play the "Bones" also the Concertina at music sessions ...

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  • ChrisMcT

    Lowlander - guitar and appalling whistle player

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  • DonaldK

    I'm a guitar player from the Scottish Borders. I help out at a local fiddle "school" by keeping the beat, adding a bit of harmony and transcribing the tunes for players who struggle to learn/play by ear.