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  • DonaldK

    I'm a guitar player from the Scottish Borders. I help out at a local fiddle "school" by keeping the beat, adding a bit of harmony and transcribing the tunes for players who struggle to learn/play by ear.

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  • Bill Knight


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  • rosemary maher

    I am looking for the fiddle music for The Heroes of Longhope,Tam's Old Love Song , and The Old Glen Douglas Hall.

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  • william wattie

    from Scottish Borders, exploring traditional tunes and accompaniment techniques on the cello.

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  • brain35c

    Play in ceilidh band, fiddle, guitar, double bass, whistle and drums. Varied combination of tunes for dancing and songs.

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  • Wallace Beveridge

    Retired, learning to play the accordion.

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  • Ampocarbuile

    I was a recorder player till I was in my early twenties, when I saw the Chieftains in Edinburgh in 1972 or '73. I immediately went out and bought the Chieftains 3 LP, and a Generation C whistle. Forty-odd years later, I don't know how many whistles I own....

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