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  • joseph docherty

    I am from Glasgow, recently retired and have begun to play the fiddle again after a break of 20 years. Would love to get into contact with a flute player for a few tunes.

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  • aimackay
  • Arran


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  • smeddum

    I am from Glasgow, I am a self taught d whistle player, I play a low d whistle too, My father Freddy Anderson was from Ballybay Monaghan, He is on wikipedia, He was very much part of the Scottish folk revival,

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  • Fay Donnelly

    Born a Donnelly, but adopted into English background; now looking to learn loads of session tunes from the traditional Scottish/Irish style, having found my ideal boxwood flute 3 years ago. Previous sax player of 30 years, Massive fan of Michael McGoldri...

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  • John McCartney

    Hi i'm John and I am from Glasgow in Scotland. I am trying to learn the Penny Whistle.

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