Members near Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Alastair Andrew

    Guitarist interested in learning to play traditional music

  • CaraSandison

    Fiddler from Shetland based in Edinburgh 🙂

  • Sheela joined 4 years ago
  • Elena joined 4 years ago
  • Lewis Forbes
  • iwilson

    Originally from Co. Antrim, now living in Edinburgh. Play the flute. Learning fiddle.

  • Emmi Louise

    I run weekly sessions for classical/ baroque music. I always include Scottish composers from this period as well more recent compositions. Violin Flute Oboe Viola Cello are brought along. I would really like to have a Scottish session maybe with a bit ...

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  • David MacLeod joined 6 years ago
  • Claire Robertson

    Hello, I'm from Sussex, played fiddle in the Oxford University Ceilidh Band for a few years. Still trying to unlearn my classical training and get better at picking up tunes by ear and remembering them!

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  • Willie Haines

    Based in Edinburgh, play anglo concertina, whistle, guitar and sing a bit! When I lived in London, I was a member of groups Captain Swing, the Sugawn Folk and Shegui.

    joined 5 years ago