Members near Ronneby, Blekinge län

  • Erland Jacobsson

    I play Tin Whistle, high & low's. I live in a small town i Blekinge, South Sweden. When i'm not play the whistles i work onboard a ship as a first mate.

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  • Filip Ängeby

    I'm a Swede playing flute and tin whistle. Top of the morning to ya!

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  • V.P Thorngren

    I am a whistler from the south-east of Sweden; I've been learning for about three years and playing for one. To my knowledge the closest session is about 300km away, and so I am yet to partake in the activity from which the site's name is derived. I also ...

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  • Niklas Bragée

    Play Guitar, some mandolin and 5-string banjo

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  • Rooty Tooty Whistle Nooty

    Residing in Northern Scania, Sweden. Learning to play the whistle. Dreaming of Uilleann pipes.

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  • Tony Persson

    Guitar; mandolin; cittern; lap steel; ukulele; bass guitar

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