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  • WAlter Hall

    I am PT Music, a singer in the past, but life has taken me away from singing.......just the way it is. Along with my colleague I now conduct a school orchestra, a jazz band, shows, and every now and then find myself playing music I had never thought I wou...

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  • St Andrews Tradsoc

    The University of St Andrews Folk and Traditional Music Society. Open to any forms of folk, traditional or world music. The tunes in our tunebook are some of the ones commonly played at the weekly sessions at the Whey Pat tavern in St Andrews.

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  • Austin Scheerer

    From the Boston area in Massachusetts, go to the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland, play guitar and a bit of the Highland Bagpipes.

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  • michael_coleman

    I live in St Andrews and I play the flute, whistle and guitar.

  • John Montgomery

    piano guitar

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  • Siri Caplan

    I am Scottish and live in Kingdom of Fife.

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