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  • Nigel Gatherer

    I'm Nigel Gatherer of Perthshire, Scotland. I teach traditional music in various projects around Scotland, including Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, The Scots Music Group in Edinburgh, and the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association. My main interests are Sc...

  • jakethepeg

    Play whistles, smallpipes and borderpipes

  • David Gardner

    Amateur Fiddle player from Auchterarder and amateur maker of violins. Member of Blackford Fiddle Group, Perth Strathspey and Reel Society and Perth Barbershop Singers.

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  • Stuart Bentley joined 2 months ago
  • Ssornerrad

    I play guitar flat pick style

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  • Judy hamilton-sayer

    I own a small hotel with a bar in auchterarder perthshire, and would like to start having music sessions once a fortnight. I would be interested to hear from local musicians.

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  • ali brown joined 3 years ago
  • Alan Matthews


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  • ian p stevens

    live in Callander ,Stirlingshire . Flute player but started later on so watching the daughters learn CD's full of tunes by ear and struggling to learn a few myself- but at a snail pace...motivated to learn music by Micheal McGoldrick concert and then disc...

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  • Kathleen Smith

    fiddle player.

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