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  • The Latecomer

    Fiddle player on Skye!

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  • Mairi-Louise MacDonald

    Clarsach player from the Isle of Skye

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  • Calum Morrison

    I'm from the Isle of Skye, 21 years old. I played the bagpipes from when I was about 7 until 18 but lost interest so picked up the acoustic guitar. Self taught all the basics and have a fairly good knowledge of chords and tabs. I've been exposed to sessio...

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  • Ali Pentland
  • Orbitfish

    Live in Applecross, Highlands, Scotland, UK; originally from London strum acoustic guitar, batter the bodhran and blow into the flute, at beginner/intermediate level

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  • elbowpipe

    Started the UP about 25 years ago and plateaued after about 10 years. So no blame accrues to my teachers, Harry Lawson (Edinburgh) and Christy O'Leary (Sweden?). Now back on the croft on Skye where my family moved in the 1860s after being 'cleared' from S...

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  • Sean Grant

    Im Sean, I am 15 and live in the Highlands Of Scotland. I play the Bagpipes.

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