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  • Rhod

    I live in the Western Isles of Scotland and after playing fiddle for about 15 years - mostly Irish, but with Scottish and Welsh tunes thrown in for good measure - I switched to Flute a while ago because of shoulder problems.

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  • tommy.m
  • allodola

    A swiss passionate about irish and scottish music as they evoke beautiful landscapes and dreams of ancestors in me and express joy, pain, wit and wisdom of life.

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  • Fattapuss

    Professional scottish bodhran player, email for skype lessons if interested

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  • Ali Pentland
  • Calum Morrison

    I’m from the Isle of Skye, 21 years old. I played the bagpipes from when I was about 7 until 18 but lost interest so picked up the acoustic guitar. Self taught all the basics and have a fairly good knowledge of chords and tabs.

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