Members near Petersberg, Jönköpings län

  • Siúlóir

    Swedish amateur musician who is currently very much into folk music, and especially Irish folk. Lately I am also into Québec folk. I like trying out anything I can get my hands on, preferrably in G or D major 🙂 and this site is a gold mine.

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  • Mattias
  • Marianne Busk

    Amateur folk musician on fiddle, song and also trying the key harp. So far mostly playing nordic tunes and interested in learning tunes from other part of the world like the british isles. Member of the band “Hög i tak” in Jonkoping, Sweden.

  • Jakob Floryd

    Hobby violinist from Sweden

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  • Ingemar

    I’m from Sweden.

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  • HaraldHeide
  • Nils Kjellman

    Hi! My name is Nils Kjellman and I’m from a town called Linköping in Sweden. Currently playing tenor banjo and studying a course in irish trad at Braheskolan Visingsö.

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  • DavidRundqvist

    From Linköping, Sweden.

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