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  • PawH

    Aspiring fiddler living in Stockholm.

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  • JorgenS


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  • Magnus R.

    I'm from Stockholm, Sweden, playing the fiddle. mostly swedish folk tunes together with a fiddler music group/spelmanslag.

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  • Micael Normark

    I'm very old

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  • Mattias Redbo

    I'm from Stockholm, Sweden, and play the whistle and the guitar. I got interested in Irish trad music in 2010, when a friend of mine asked if I could join his band on guitar and song. I learned 50 songs and tunes more or less well in a month, and then wen...

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  • Jim Walch

    Originally from the USA, living in Sweden since 1965. Playing clarinet, assorted flutes, whistles and recorders, which I also make and repair. Formerly also the Swedish keyed fiddle. My folk music group has been playing together for some 35 years now.

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  • tomtom2020

    From Stockholm, Sweden. Main instruments: vocals, drums and percussion.

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