Members near Kongsberg, Viken

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  • Catarina Johansson

    Catarina Johansson from Dalarna, Sweden! I have played the fiddle since I was a child and now I am a greyheard seawomen working by the norwegian coastline!

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  • Chicago Piper

    Hi, I'm an American from Chicago who played whistles and flutes in an Irish-American band for some years. I also hung out some at the jam sessions in Chicago pubs back in the 90's. Married a Norwegian and moved to Norway. The instruments hit the closet, b...

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  • Ørjan Arntsen

    My name is Ørjan Arntsen.

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  • Juha Rossi


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  • Adrian Carr

    Adrian Carr born Manchester, inspired by Irish music in my teens, began playing the whistle and now mainly Low whistles, by Colin Goldie. Resident of Norway and have played Irish folk music at many venues across Norway.

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  • jonbjerva

    I'm a Norwegian flutist, playing concert flute, tin whistles etc.

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