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  • Thomas Aasen

    I'm from Norway, up north, not far away from Tromsø, where the midnight sun shines in summer and the northern light shimmer at winter. I'm born in 1974, and i love playing whistle. Also i like studying religion. Have a thing for knifes and axes, do colle...

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  • erikfs
  • Anna Helgadóttir

    I'm a cellist and have always loved celtic music. Now I'm treading my first shaking steps in playing as well as listening and dancing to the music.

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  • Minchiu

    I'm a Taiwanese born musician working in Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in Norway as full time oboist. The Irish whistle is my life-time passion.

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  • Mel Adamson

    I am originally from San Francisco Bay Area in California. I currently live in Oslo, Norway, and will live in Frankfurt next year. I played classical violin until I was 15, and now enjoy playing folk music. I play accordion primarily and a little fiddle,...

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  • Becaye Aw

    I am originally from Mauritania and I have been living in Norway since the early 90s. I play acoustic guitar (African fingerstyle). I have been playing about 30 years.

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  • Fome

    Played some tin whistle (low and high) for a few years, and just got an irish flute

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  • -Abraxas

    Live in Oslo

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  • Chicago Piper

    Hi, I'm an American from Chicago who played whistles and flutes in an Irish-American band for some years. I also hung out some at the jam sessions in Chicago pubs back in the 90's. Married a Norwegian and moved to Norway. The instruments hit the closet, b...

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