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  • ponad

    Fiddle, mandolin and more.

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  • peterjerkrot
  • hegg

    Nyckelharpa and harmonica player in Sweden

  • Yelf

    My name is Leif, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I do some reenactment of 16th century, german landsknechts. In this setting me and some friends play both, Swedish, Irish and German folk music. I play the whistle, chalumeaux (old school clarinet) and just or...

  • Danny Anderson

    Beginner at tin whistle but have played Irish trad. music for about 10 years.

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  • Jim Walch

    Originally from the USA, living in Sweden since 1965. Playing clarinet, assorted flutes, whistles and recorders, which I also make and repair. Formerly also the Swedish keyed fiddle. I also make Native American Flutes and have just started on my first set...

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  • Magnus B

    I'm from Sweden. I play the oboe and low whistles

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