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  • Paul Kaplan

    I live in Elkridge, Maryland. I play guitar and hammer dulcimer.

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  • Jim Lyons

    I am 73. A couple of years ago I came to realize that my Celtic Heritage was sorely missing in my life.

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  • JojoTricky

    Adult learner, fiddle. Living near York, UK.

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  • Birgit Hoffmann joined 3 hours ago
  • alex naish

    Am from Essex and am learning Irish music at the Irish centre in London

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  • Al McNeill

    Live in Findhorn. Play piano.

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  • Bo Smith

    Hey all, I'm from Texas, USA! I have played guitar for 9 years, over the last year or so I've recently gotten into Trad. Essentially due to hearing Paul Brady's 'Arthur McBride', which I can play on guitar, along with his 'Mary And The Soldier' and 'Lakes...

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  • Jenny Stewart

    I live in Canberra, Australia and have started learning violin at a (fairly) advanced age. I have always loved Celtic folk and dance music, so building up a repertoire of tunes on the violin is a great way of advancing my technique and playing with others...

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