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  • Wilisoni Foki

    Im from Fiji Islands,, South Pacific. I play piano.

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  • Todd Lackey

    I'm originally from Arkansas, but living in Indiana after retiring from the Air Force. Planning to retire for the final time in a couple of years to travel around the US in a pickup and RV with my wonderful wife. I play fiddle, mandolin/mandola, guitar,...

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  • Christine McMillin

    From Cleveland, Ohio USA

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  • charles t. tressler

    MT Lake Park Maryland model F fife

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  • Marilyn Buyar

    I live in the Cariboo region of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. A lover of Irish trad fiddle music, I'm a pianist and amateur choral singer who took up fiddling on retirement. I also play old time fiddle, the accordion, and the Ukrainian bandura.

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  • vladthetrad

    Fiddle and Hurdy-Gurdy

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  • Kent Bergh

    Minnesotan, guitar

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