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  • Sarah Longland

    Hi - I live in Devon at the moment, and I play mostly whistle, accordion and guitar plus a bit of mandolin and fiddle. What a great website this is, thank you!

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  • Diane Simpson

    Hi all. I live in North East Victoria Australia. I've been playing whistle for 40 years, and fiddle for 30. I also play a bodrhan. I call bush dances as well.

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  • Bill wiseman

    Hello, I'm a Canadian, born in 1943 and raised in The Battery, St. John's, NL. I play the diatonic button accordion. I can go back to the 1890s with my grandfather playing at times, parties and weddings in Bay De Verde. He passed the torch onto his ol...

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  • Matthias Merzbacher

    Living in Germany, Nuernberg, playing fiddle in a band (O'Malley out in the cold -

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  • Rich C

    NYC, mandolin

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