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  • Copperplate

    Player of strings - banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar living in Victoria , Australia. Love ceili band music.

  • m.r.kelahan

    - from central Florida, USA.

  • copperplate

    Hello... I don't put any personal information here because I've noticed it becomes a source for some members to garner information to attack you with if they don't like your posts... sorry.

  • Paddy Farrell

    my name is paddy i play de banjo mandolin guitar and bazouki.

  • Old Copperplate

    I'm based in South Gloucestershire, England-near Stroud. My main instrument is fiddle but I also play some banjo. I am also beginning to make a little progress with the box and concertina.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Alan O'Leary

    I play flute and whistle. Living in London for the past 40 years, Ceo at Copperplate Mail Order.

    joined one year ago