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  • Re: Matter Of Time

    I have to apologize, i forgot to mention the bass player, so i have to add to the list of Guest Musicians:

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  • Scotch Mary

    A pretty nice compilation released about four years ago.

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  • Re: Smallpipes, Fiddle, & Gaelic Song

    HECLA is a traditional music trio based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Featuring Ailis Sutherland (pipes/whistles), Ilona Kennedy (fiddle) and Kaitlin Ross (guitar/vocals), Hecla present beautiful, crisp and energetic arrangements of traditional Gaeli...

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  • Re: Masters Of Irish Music

    I loved listening to this album of Máirtín growing up. Did he continue to play in London? Did he ever return to Ireland?

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  • Track 2

    The second tune in track 2 is actually entitled Connie Foley's and is a composition of Connie Foley (according to the liner notes of the cd)

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