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  • Re: Portrait

    My favorite tune on here is 6A, "Waltz for Father", which sounds like it could be a mazurka.

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  • Re: Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island

    I wonder where the jig (or slide?) "Annie Golletti" (3C) comes from, since there's no link to it. Golletti sounds as though it could be an Italian name. It puts me in mind as somewhat similar to the English jig "Holm Band Tune."

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  • Re: Lakefield

    Never mind; I figured out the two I wanted to know, The Red Mill and The Mongrel. Thanks to a fellow session-er who pointed me to the cbfiddle recording index. (I can’t believe I’d never heard of it? Where have I been?)

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  • Re: Carnloch

    Released in 1993 on their own Durham Street label, Carnloch consisted of Noel McQuaid (tenor banjo, bouzouki, mandolin), Sarah McQuaid (vocals, guitar, bodhrán and úbh) and Larry Nugent (flute and tin whistle).

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  • Re: The Press Gang

    There been more than a few bands called The Press Gang over the years (with or without the definite article). The one from Maine is listed on this site already, so here's the Irish one.

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