By Michael Rooney And June McCormack

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Michael Roony from Monaghan plays Harp and June McCormick from Sligo plays Flute
The music on tracks 3,5 and 6 was composed by Michael and June plays tunes composed by Josie McDermot who had a great influence on her
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I reach for this again & again & again. Absolutely gorgeous. An instant classic.

Killaville, really??

I think the first tune on track 10 is Cooley’s Hornpipe. Doesn’t seem to match jig time, nor does it correspond with the Killaval tune that I know.

Yes, really

Brown Creeper, the Killavil on track 10 is definitely a jig and is the same one I know by that name from several other sources. Are you sure you have the right track?

A different version for the southern hemisphere?

Hmmm must be listening to a different version, coz track 11 is Danny Boy/Londonderry Air and no 10 is definitely Cooley’s Hornpipe (plus another one).

Did they release a different version in New Zealand?