Brathar na nÓl

By Monks Of The Screw Trio

  1. Tom Billy’s
    The Britches Full Of Stitches
  2. John Crowley’s
    John B. Murphy’s
  3. Taylor’s
    Mickey Rattler’s
  4. Sullivan’s
    Wallop The Spot
  5. Lord Seaforth’s
    Cutting Bracken
  6. The Devil’s Dream
    The Broomstick
  7. Goblachan
    Gan Ainm (John McKenna’s Polka)
  8. Cronin’s
    A Letter From Home
  9. Brosna Town
    Moonlight On The Yellow River
  10. John Walsh’s
    The Gallope
  11. Follow Me Down To Carlow
    Thade Guiney’s
  12. Paiti Leary’s
    Girl Of The Big House
  13. Cashman’s
    Bridgie Con Matt’s

Two comments

The Monks of the Screw

The Monks of the Screw are a group of musicians who meet up for a Monday night session of music in Scully’s pub in Newmarket, Co Cork. This is their 3rd album and is a departure by being a trio drawn from the larger group.
Paudy Scully plays flute and Dan Curtain and Tim Browne play fiddles.
Pure Sliabh Luachra and pure joy

They can be contacted at:

Re: Brathar na nÓi by The Monks of the Screw (trio) – tunes & notes

A great recording full of lovely, rare tunes – now available on Bandcamp, too!

You’ll also find a link to scanned sleeve notes under the tracklist. Note that there was a bit of a confusion with titles in tracks #10 and #13. “John Walsh’s” was originally meant to be “Patrick Cashman’s Favourite” (composer unknown), while “Cashman’s” is an unnamed polka by John Walsh which he later called “DAF Truck” polka. Full story here!