Barefoot On The Altar

By Chulrua

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Really, really beautiful. Alltogether one of my favorites. It seems like such a classic to me I was surprised it hadn’t been posted already.

Chulrua is Tim Britton on pipes, Paddy O’Brien on accordian, and Pat Egan on guitar and vocals.

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I second zed’s remarks, one of my favorites too, and certainly belongs on the list here!

Missing Hop Jig/Reels Information

This set list does not include the Hop Jig/Reels track from the CD.

The Hop Jig/Reels track is track 8: Rocky Road to Dublin/West Clare Reels which are Dan Breen’s and A Fair Wind.

High Point Polka

The final tune on track 6, “High Point Polka” links to here:

It doesn’t link from the album track list because there is a space after “Point” in the alternative names list.

Re: Barefoot On The Altar

Tim Britton plays flute and whistle in addition to uilleann pipes.