The Maid Of Eirin

By Grianan

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The Maid of Eirin

This recording didn’t get properly released at the time it came out because of controversies concerning the producer, but it has a stellar line-up that includes; Kevin Crawford, Siobhan Peoples, Tommy Peoples, Niamh De Burca, P.J. King, Martin Murray, Paul McSherry, John Maloney, and Pat Marsh. There are also original tunes by Kevin, Siobhan, and P.J. on this great CD.

The Maid of Eirin

This is indeed a wonderful recording. A better job could have been done on the liner notes though. For one thing they are hard to read just because of the printing style used and more information on the tunes would have been nice.

Maid of Eirin

True Richard, but remember -- the release of this CD was very limited on account of the dodgy producer. I think it was released without the satisfaction of the musicians having been met. The producer probably slapped together the liner notes without the benefit of proper input from the musicians.

The first tune is actually called ‘holding hands in Beechgrove’…and Phantom Button’s correct in his synopsis of what became of the liner notes, the musicians were DISGUSTED!! The album title’s also wrong..its meant to be the maid of eireann

Maid Of Eireann

As Siobhan Peoples tells it, the Producer abscounded to Canada with the glass pack so, there is no master to be had. I was lucky that she had a copy kicking around to post off to me.

Ina mi eejj

yea! i like tats song…i morhn ipwe naini cause its sound good..

Re: The Maid Of Eirin

Track 9 includes three parts of the slide Kathleen Hehir’s.

Re: The Maid Of Eirin

I have a copy! It’s a cracking CD!

I have no idea where it came from

Re: The Maid Of Eirin

Seems to have disappeared from “Bandcamp” [ 05/04/2021 ]