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Recorded 1982.


I have an old tape of this album whose slow magnetic deterioration seems only to have added to the lovely soporific, chilled out feeling that this album engenders. The gentle swing of Kevin Burke’s playing, the lovely accompanying and the dark tones of Micheal O’Domnaill’s gaelic songs make this one of my favourite albums. I find this is an album especially good at bringing the blood pressure down when some b*stard thing in life puts it up and, although I know the tunes on the album, I still frequently detune my fiddle just to play along with it!!

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Portland "Rolling Waves"

Has anyone else noticed that the tune Rolling Waves on this album/CD is not the same tune that is on the download? Perhaps the album version is just a variation or quite different interpretation of the tune. It is a great melody it really undulates and Kevin’s playing of it is as always is so beautiful. I was wondering if anyone had information as to where to get the sheet music for this lovely tune.
Thanks, much

The Wild Irishman

A question for anyone who might know?

On Kevin Burke’s ‘Portland’ recording the second tune in the first set is called ‘The Wild Irishman.’

Is this just mislabeled or is it another tune with the same name?


Incidently The Session has the version I have always known as The Wild Irishman.

Oh…and James Kelly has a tune called ‘The Wild Irishman’ on his CD ‘Traditional Irish Music’ which is different than both of the above tunes.

Maybe there are just lots of Wild Irishmen. The only one I ever met was Peter Horan.

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Re: The Wild Irishman

"Within a Mile of Dublin" has two separate versions of this tune under the same name. They’re quite different, but I’ve had the first one in my head all week.

Re: The Wild Irishman


O’Rourke’s is the tune James Kelly calls The Wild Irishman

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