Traditional Irish Flute Music

By Fintan Vallely

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Fintan Vallely

One of my favourite flute albums by one of my favourite flute players. Not many musicians have as much life and lift in their music as Fintan, and he’s great “craic” as well. Don’t miss him if you get a chance to hear him. I see from the website that he’s doing a talk at the Willie Week this year, too.
The tunes on this record are all flute classics. Wild stuff!

Is he related to Niall and Cillian Vallely?


Family relations

I think Fintan’s their uncle, Max.

“Hidden Track”

I’ve been prompted to listen to this LP again, and there is an unlisted track of 4 reels between Tracks 6 & 7. They are “The Stone In The Field / The Knotted Cord[ aka Junior Crehan’s ] / The Green Fields Of Glentown / The Return To Camden Town”.
Also , the reel listed as “The West Wind” is in fact the 2-part version of “The Boy In The Gap”.

On CD now

This is an old recording, originally on LP, but very hard to get in recent years - thanks Kenny. Now released on CD by Fintan at
Lovely playing with a wild touch about it.

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Track 12

… is “Fred Finn’s Polka”, not the reel it links to.

Re: Traditional Irish Flute Music

Fintan Vallely - his website and well worth a visit! - scroll down - - - I particularly enjoyed Fintan’s sojourn -

"The Humours of Cocoon – 4 decades of music and writing under the one roof:
Topical tunes to while away the quarantine with sanguinity"

Re: Traditional Irish Flute Music

I think the second reel on Track 13 isn’t the Shepherd’s Daughter. It is listed as ‘Paddy Taylor’s’ on the album and has that name in Tunepal. I can’t find it under that name on TheSession

Re: Traditional Irish Flute Music

You are correct - sorted now.